Our Odoo Apps are built with the hands of expert Odoo developers and under the guidance of experienced Odoo Consultants who understand not only the trickiest functional and technical aspects of Odoo but also the business logic that drives growth using our apps.

We are strongly focus on deliver high-quality software to our clients.


  • Hide Sale Price & Cost Price

  •     View Sale Price
  •     View Cost Price
  •     Restrict visibility to sale price.
  •     Restrict visibility to cost price.
  •     Price visibility only for the users in
  •        the groups
  •     Hide price in Products & Variants
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  • Two Step Approval In Sales

  •    Two Step Approval.
  • ☑   Request for 1st Level Approval.
  •    Request for 2nd Level Approval.
  •    Order Confirmed.
  •    Get Notification of approval and
  •       Order Confirm. 
  •    Rejection: Rejected order notify to
  •       sales user.
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  • Payslip Batch Report

  •    Payslip Batch Excel Report.
  •    Excel Report and PDF Preview.
  •    Print Excel button will be display in
  •       Payslip Batch.
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  • Hide Price in Website

  •     Only Login users can see product
  •     Only Login users can see Add
           to Cart button under the Shops.
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  • Global Discount & Journal Entry

  •    Apply discount globally.
  • ☑   Module to manage apply discount in
  •       sale order & invoice.
  •    Apply global discount by Fixed
          Price or Percentage.
  •    Discount display in journal entry with
  •       configured account.
  •    Support Multi Currency feature for
  •       applied discount.
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  • Display Total Amount

  •    Enable group Total in Invoice
          Line in users
  •    By default administrator in added
  •       this group
  •    Total column will be display in
          Invoice/Bill Line
  •    Order Line Total = Taxes + Subtotal
  •    Discount Amount is display in Sale
  •       Order, Invoice & Bill
  •    Discount Amount is calculate based 
          on apply discount(%) in line
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